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Russell and I put together three awesome eclectic flute and guitar concerts this past June!!  A little new age, a little classical, a little jazz all in one show in three different places! Sat June 15 - Buford First United Methodist Church at 7:00, Sun June 16 - Steve's Live in Sandy Springs at 5:00, Sun Jun 23 Episcopal Church of the Incarnation in Highlands NC at 2:00.

Candace Keach and Russell Ferrara have created a program which reflects the restless spirit of American creativity! Classical with a New Age flair! Candace and Russell have blended the composed with the improvised, the ancient with the modern and the acoustic with the electronic.

A virtuosic flute solo by Sidney Lanier, who, steeped in European culture, drew inspiration from nature's melodies and developed a style of flute playing that influenced generations of American classical flutists. Two guitar pieces by Justin Holland, born a free Black man in Virginia, who reached deep into European culture to become the most important American classical guitarist of his time.

Add to that a fun bluesy suite for flute and guitar by Gwyneth Walker, very much alive and working in Connecticut, and a shout-out to Renaissance dance with two pieces by Russell for flute and guitar, a Tango with midi-guitar and native American flute, a meditation with classical guitar and shakuhachi flute, a fairy tale piece for bamboo flute and midi-guitar and even a few others with singing bowls, bass flute, Tibetan flute and fife and you've got a collaborative flute/guitar concert that is truly unique!

Don't miss out - mark your calendar now!


Tickets for Saturday night, 6/15 in Buford can be purchased at:

 Tickets for Sunday night, 6/16 in Sandy Springs can be purchased at:

Love offering is asked for Sunday afternoon, 6/23 in Highlands, NC

Angel Wings and Galactic Alignment - One More Time!

We Did It Again!  A beautiful, beautiful prep for Friday's once every 26,000 years Galactic Alignment and our traditional Winter Solstice Angel Wings!


Bring your blankets and lay down in the center of our

expansive double chakra circle of bowls

where we will invite the angels of sound and light to prepare us for the prophecy of the

Grand Cycle Winter Solstice 2012 (once every 26,000 years).
SOS has been performing their powerful

"Galactic Alignment" since November of 2011

across the southeast from Georgia to South Carolina to North Carolina

culminating in our grand finale on International Peace Day Weekend at

The Carter Center.

Our intention has been to help prepare the world for this Grand Cycle Shift so that the transition into both the next 5,000 year cycle of Aquarius as well as the next 26,000 year grand cycle will be peaceful and harmonious.

We will incorporate some elements of "Galactic Alignment" into our traditional double chakra sound meditation

"Angel Wings" at Atlanta Unity!

SOS Crystal Bowl Choir under the direction of Candace Keach, will be sounding a performance meditation in celebration of the Winter Solstice at Atlanta Unity Church in Norcross on Monday, December 17th at 7:30 pm. Candace will lead SOS in a meditation which will immerse participants in the sounds and geometries of specific chakra combinations to energize and harmonize the interplay of chakra energies. Winter Solstice marks the welcome return of the light. Join us as we usher in this homecoming with the Light-Beings of Sound. Participants are encouraged to bring a comfortable pillow so they can be seated on the floor inside or outside these shimmering wings of sound!



WOW - All I can say is WOW! SOS was WOW!

Artwork by permission of

SOLD  OUT!!! at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia
Spiral of Sound's International Peace Day Concert featuring the Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir with guest artists, John Jaramillo, performing Native American Aztec dance, Blue Spirit Wheel, mantra, harmonium and tabla, featuring Ian Boccio, Jeffrey Lidke and Stephanie Kohler, Wildflower, harp and flute, featuring Susan Bennett Brady and Candace Keach, Lucy Banks, native flute, Lisa Parsons, native chant, and Lisa Angert Morris, percussion was a perfect joyous blend of music, chant, dance and meditation to celebrate International Peace Day Weekend!

In addition to guest artists contributions, SOS performed in entirety, expanded versions of two pieces which have been super-charging the group consciousness each and every time we have presented them!  "Galactic Alignment Expansion" in preparation for the much talked about Great Cosmic Shift coming up at the end of the year and "Medicine Wheel" which ground and integrated the expansion into our hearts and feet!

Magical music from beginning to end, this concert was our gift and envoy of Peace to the Planet!

PDF Peace Day Concert Flyer

Guest Artists' and Contributors' Contact Info:

Ian Boccio

John Jaramillo

Susan Bennett Brady

Ade Anifowose


Global Health and Humanitarian Summit at Emory

Last night, Spiral of Sound - Lucy Banks, Katherine RobinSun and I had so much fun at Emory's Gala Concert for the Global Health and Humanitarian Summit. We accompanied event director, singer-song writer, Lisa Parsons, in her chant, "So Shall It Be". Audience members loved it and one told us that the sound of our native flutes and drums with Lisa's singing instantly transported them into nature and a gentle mantle of peace settled around us all. A quickening - divine Grace - a visit from the Muses - it always happens with SOS!

Medicine Wheel Meditation

Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow!!!

Spiral of Sound invited Spirit to flow through their Medicine Wheel of crystal bowls, native flutes, drums and chant last night and did It ever!

Truly a multi-dimensional attunement with All that Is!

The audience was packed with people who were eager to join in singing the Apache Honoring Song, the Cherokee Morning Song and the Iroquois Drum Dance Song!  So much fun!  So powerful!  Kat's beautiful choreography, Lucy and Candace's inspired native flute playing, Patricia, Kathy, Lavonne and Rebecca's responsive crystal bowl playing all added up to one magnificent meditation!  The gals brought the heat and the audience loved it!



This sound meditation was based on the ancient Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  In the culture of the Native Americans, the Medicine Wheel is the Universe in all its dimensions.  It is change, life, death, birth and learning.  This Great Circle is the lodge of our bodies, our minds, and our hearts.  It is the cycle of all things that exist.  

This meditation with crystal bowls, chant, drums, shakers and flutes invited participants into the mystery of the Great Circle’s Seven Directions revealing the relationship and integration of All things!

Words of Wit and Songs of Nature

Georgia native, Sidney Lanier (1842-1881) was perhaps best known for his poems "The Marshes of Glynn" and "Song of the Chattahoochee," but Lanier was also a renowned musician, as he was principal flutist in the Peabody Symphony Orchestra in Baltimore for seven seasons and composed melodies and virtuosic flute solos based on his own improvisational skills!  And in 1876, Lanier received a federal commission to write the libretto for a Cantata for the Centennial celebration of the United States in Philadelphia.

Actor/historian, Marty Willett and flutist, Candace Keach traveled back in time Friday evening to honor Sidney’s February 3rd, 1842 birthday with a dramatic narrative of his life interspersed with his poetry and flute solos.  The stage at Oglethorpe University Lupton Hall was intimately set as a sitting room from the 19th century with the new plaster-cast bust of Sidney Lanier proudly placed center stage.  Marty and Candace set the mood in their period dress and took turns lovingly bringing his works of art to life, both his poetry and his flute music.  A beautiful celebration - Happy Birthday Sidney!

sponsored by the Atlanta Preservation Center at Lupton Hall, Oglethorpe University

Coinciding with Lanier’s 170th birthday, Candace Keach and Marty Willet presented a recital of the music and poetry of Sidney Lanier..


Candace Keach, flutist, originally from Athens, Georgia has been principal flutist with the Macon Symphony Orchestra for over 20 years.  She was principal flutist with the National Touring Company’s “Phantom of the Opera” at the Fox.  Candace is flute professor at Spelman College.  Her own studies were at the University of Georgia and at the New England Conservatory in Boston.  Candace is creative director of the Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir, a performance-art ensemble which has carved a unique niche in the world of meditation music.  Candace is in great demand as a motivational presenter, leading workshops and presenting concerts which introduce the archetypal and historical elements of sound and music!  In 2010 she was awarded placement on the Georgia Arts Council Touring Artist Roster and the Southern Artistry Registry. Candace has always had a particular affinity for the music of Sidney Lanier as she shares his birthday month!  She has performed his music both on stage at the Macon/Mercer Opera House and at the Sidney Lanier Cottage in Macon, Georgia, and at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.

Richard Martin “Marty” Willett is a South Georgia son whose hometown is the City of Roses, Thomasville.  He began working for the Georgia Historical Commission in 1972.   He was responsible for the highly acclaimed “Sidney’s Old South Historic Tours” which shared Macon’s multicultural heritage with over 100,000 visitors between 1984 and 1994 for the Macon-Bibb County Convention & Visitors Bureau.  He served six years as President of the Ocmulgee National Monument Association, a private citizen support group for the prehistoric Indian mound site.  Since 1990, he has served on the Macon Mayor’s Fort Hawkins Commission, whose goal is to recreate the early American frontier fort as a living history site, and he was elected Commission Chairman in 2005.  As an actor/educator he is best known for his portrayal of the 19th century Macon native and beloved southern poet and musician, Sidney Lanier.  Since 1980, he has shared Lanier’s life and works throughout the Southeast in a dramatic, first person, costumed performance.   He created and conducted the popular ghost tours of Macon, “Sidney’s Spirit Stroll”  and “Sidney’s Hometown Haunts.” He had been the Lead Interpreter at the Sidney Lanier Cottage for the Historic Macon Foundation for eight years before becoming the Fort Hawkins Press Officer & Project Coordinator in 2011.  Making history real and personal has been his life’s mission.

Angel Wings with SOS at Atlanta Unity

An Atlanta tradition! Angel Wings at Winter Solstice!
We rested in the Stillness of the darkest night of the year in the Stillness of our Hearts in the Center of a Double-Chakra Crystal Bowl Circle!

A beautiful, beautiful Winter Solstice meditation tonight with Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir "Angel Wings" at Atlanta Unity. Thanks Rev. John and your brilliant congregation and all the folks who attended from all around Atlanta. We included a tribute to those who have left us in 2011, inviting them to guide us in the unseen dimensions as we move into the light of 2012. I dedicated this evening to my friend, Diana Johnson.

SOS Crystal Bowl Choir immersed us in the harmony of the chakra energies preparing us in the darkness of Winter Solstice for the return of the Light. We welcomed the Light-Beings of Sound who lovingly realigned us and gently guided us into the New Year!  The circle filled up early with those who wanted to meditate inside these shimmering wings of sound!  Others found space in the chairs and on the open spaces around the circle of bowls.  A good time was had by all!


Two Presentations in One Week

The week before Thanksgiving Candace illuminated both the Silva Atlanta monthly meeting, hosted by Frank Golley in Decatur and the American Music Therapy Association annual conference 2011 hosted at the Hilton Atlanta with her magical crystal bowls!  Lots of questions and answers and some deep meditative moments within the ancient sound prescriptions!  Participants were thankful to be immersed in the archetypal sounds of wellness!

Mayan Madness Meditation at The Selah Center



  Spiral of Sound crystal bowl choir, directed by Candace Keach, navigates the shifts in time, space & consciousness for those who love to travel within the luminous sound currents at The Selah Center Loft at Druid Hills Baptist Church!

Well, we did it!  We ushered in the Mayan "no time" at the end of the Mayan Ninth and final Wave (it's been 15 billion years since the beginning of the First Wave) which

ended at midnight last night.

We toned through the chakras, we journeyed in a vocal soundscape and we meditated as SOS performed their crystal bowl piece "Galactic Alignment" (as shared with the audience at Piccolo Spoleto 2011) composed for the Here and Now.

We chanted Om and we chanted with Ian Boccio leading us in the following mantra:

Om Asato Maa Sad Gamaya, Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya, Mrtyor Maamrtam Gamaya

(Lead us from the Unreal to the Real, Lead us from the Darkness to the Light,

 Lead us from the Fear of Death to the Knowledge of Immortality)

And we closed with a peaceful meditation as Candace played Tibetan flute and the SOS gals gently chimed in on the Tibetan bowls.

All in all we embraced the Mayan "no time" - a fertile crescent of time in which to cultivate

 our experience of the future/past/present!

A little chaos is now in order!


Art on the Atlanta Beltline 2011 "Peace Spiral"


"What a lovely and special experience it was to walk into a spiral of crystal bowls harmonically arranged for peace and balance!”

Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir was one of 66 artist/groups chosen to perform for Art on the Beltline 2011!  "Peace Spiral", an interactive labyrinth of sound, which SOS performed on tour last fall in North Carolina and again just recently this past June at Piccolo Spoleto in Charleston, South Carolina, was premiered for our Atlanta fans on the grass plaza level at the Fourth Ward Historic Park last night.  Everyone there was curious about the experience before walking through and jazzed about it afterwards!  Those who experienced it told me how it changed them when I talked to them afterwards, presenting them with their very own glitter-foam peace sign sticker!  Many walked through twice!  They walked in contemplating peace within their hearts and walked out as emissaries of peace for the world! 

National Flute Association Convention in Charlotte


National Flute Association Conventionees had fun at the "Pajama Party Lullaby", joining in with their own flutes, guided by Candace's playing, accompanied in a soundscape journey with Tibetan and crystal bowls, tingshas and voice.  Bewildered Westin employees had earlier watched the flutists drag pillows and comforters through the lobby to the ballroom at the front as Candace had instructed them to bring a pillow and a dream-time wish! (and to wear their jamies if they wanted!) ...zzzzzzz

What's up Doc?


Piccolo Spoleto 2011 this past June was a fantastic experience.  SOS performed "Peace Spiral" for the staff, doctors, nurses, and students of the Medical University of South Carolina as an outreach event.  The next evening SOS presented an evening concert at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church sponsored by The Sophia Institute, "Wisdom, Oneness and the Divine".  So much fun travelling and meeting new fans!


In November of 2010, SOS embarked on their first ever out-of-state concert tour to Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina.  It was a huge success with performances at a lovely yoga center in Charlotte as well as at the Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church.  And a Saturday evening and Sunday morning performance for an eager audience at the New Garden Friends Quaker Meeting Church in Greensboro!


Lots of other fun performances happened in 2009, 2010, 2011, including a performance for Chantlanta and several performances with the world famous Atlanta Boy Choir!!

Wisdom, Oneness and the Divine for The Sophia Institute - Charleston


Piccolo Spoleto Poster by Tate Nation

WISDOM, ONENESS & THE DIVINE—The Sophia Institute presented a concert by Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir for Piccolo Spoleto. There were about 50 in attendance at this so amazingly beautiful church which was built in the 1800's and has the most perfect acoustics!  SOS invited participants to meditate while the flute and bowls played in ARCHetypal Intervals, to tone the Tibetan Warrior Syllables in Cosmic Whorl, to enjoy the ride in Galactic Alignment and to tone the Vedic Bijas in So Ham.  Everyone was buzzing after the show! 

Peace Spiral for Medical University of South Carolina


The MUSC Horseshoe is an open green courtyard and is the center of campus-wide events for patients, students and faculty at the Medical University. Doctors, Nurses, IT personnel, students and anyone who was curious walked the Peace Spiral, an interactive labyrinth of sound! Participants walked into this pathway of sound, contemplating peace, harmony and health and walked out as emissaries for the world!

Chantlanta performance



Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowls performed “The Long and Winding Road”.  As participants walked the Selah Center Chartres Labyrinth SOS supported their journey with crystal bowl improv and toning of the Tibetan Warrior Sounds, the five seed syllables that conquer the obstructing energies of our body, speech and mind.  A lovely hour of contemplation and centering. 

About ChantLanta 2011:

ChantLanta 2011 had over 19 hours of events, including eight of the finest kirtan groups from Atlanta, Asheville and Athens, yoga classes combined with live music and chanting, workshops about mantra practice, meditation and chanting, a drum circle and Spiral of Sound crystal bowls! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the entire festival was FREE to attend! As if that was not enough, they served a FREE dinner on Saturday night, courtesy of the many Atlanta restaurants who donated food! For both the seasoned chanters and those who were curious this was a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the sea of divine bliss!

Angel Wings for Winter Solstice


SOS Crystal Bowl Choir under the direction of Candace Keach, sounded a performance meditation in celebration of the Winter Solstice at Atlanta Unity Church in Norcross on Monday, December 21st at 7:30 pm. Candace lead SOS in a meditation which immersed participants in the sounds and geometries of specific chakra combinations to energize and harmonize the interplay of chakra energies. Winter Solstice marks the welcome return of the light. It is always a welcome homecoming as SOS ushers in the Angels of Light and Sound. Participants lay or sat on the floor inside or outside these shimmering wings of sound!

Winter's Light performance

Musicians, artists and storytellers volunteer their time so that the proceeds benefit selected organizations.. this year .. Kids4Peace, a group that brings to Atlanta about a dozen Jewish, Christian and Muslim teens from Jerusalem .. and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, a research and educational program that brings together Arabs, Israelis, Jordanians and internationals to study the environment to bring peace to the Middle East (and the world.) The website is SOS presented their sound meditation, "Fibonacci Twinkle", a 5-pointed star layout in which crystal bowls sound the ratios of nature's form overlayed with the childhood folk melody made famous by Mozart!

North Carolina Tour - Charlotte & Greensboro


What a lovely space in which to play! And thanks so much to my friend, Rev. Carol Hassell, who wrote a beautiful selection about Peace to introduce our Peace Spiral at our concert that Sunday afternoon: Silence within the Sound with Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir Inner Space – the final frontier! On Sunday afternoon, Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir took everyone on a journey into the silence that we can access within sacred sound. Ancient cultures harnessed the sounds of gongs, bowls and bells, voice harmonics and rhythmic drumming to coax the mind into the deep silence of meditation and prayer. Science has come to realize that the calm mental and emotional state achieved when resting in this inner world benefits the physical with extraordinary results: lowered blood pressure, easing of muscle tension, release of endorphins, reduced stress hormones, alpha and theta brain wave states, and increased immune system function. The Sunday afternoon concert featured four pieces: ARCHetypal Intervals – ratios of sound relating to the elements in nature with flute and crystal bowls. Cosmic Whorl – the Tibetan Five Warrior Seed Syllables which we invited all to tone with us as we played the bowls and sounded the Tibetan chakras. Galactic Alignment – a sonic interpretation of the cosmic event predicted by the Mayans to occur on Winter Solstice 2012. Peace Spiral – a labyrinth of sound! Interactive - participants slowly walked into this pathway of sound, contemplating the harmony and peace in their hearts, walking out as emissaries of peace.

North Carolina Tour - Greensboro & Charlotte


SOS loves New Garden Friends!!! What a fantastic group of people! We love you David Bills and Dan & Val Paterson & Ellen. Thank you so much for sponsoring our concert, Silence within the Sound, which was the same concert as is listed above for the Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte.   On Sunday, at the First Day Morning service at New Garden in Greensboro, Candace, Lucy and Kat performed “Five is Alive” with crystal bowls and flute - an improvisatory piece celebrating the mystery of five, a mysterious and important number found in our world’s music, art, science, nature and religion!

This Little Light of Mine Yoga Studio


A beautiful evening with Heather and her yoga students and Candace's friends from highschool, Bill and Carol! Candace spoke briefly about "sound medicine" and demonstrated with the crystal bowls. She then led the SOS chamber group in a selection, ARCHetypal Intervals, which immersed the audience into nature's sound ratios to realign their blueprints of perfect health! Afterwards everyone had a chance to play the bowls themselves! Heather said that the sounds reminded her of something she already knew way deep inside - it was like a homecoming.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Atlanta performance


UUCA folks are so open and receptive and what a great space in which to play the crystal bowls. The church services were dynamic and the SOS piece, "Cosmic Whorl" based on the Tibetan Bon Five Warrior Syllables, fit in perfectly with Rev. David's sermon on Buddhist Wisdom and Compassion. Choir director, Don Milton, joined us in an improv during the offertory with his beautiful overtoning creating a wonderful interlude with bowls, flute and voice. The congregation was so appreciative. Thanks UUCA!

Spring Atlanta Boy Choir performance


Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir joined Fletcher Wolfe with The Atlanta Boy Choir and Men's Alumni Choir in their Annual Spring Concert of selections that The Atlanta Boy Choir will be taking to Italy on their June 2010 tour. SOS accompanied the choirs from the balcony above with an ethereal harmony on the Bach/Gounod -Ave Maria.

SOS nominated for Southern Artistry

Southern Artistry, an online artist registry designed to showcase the South's artistic diversity and excellence by spotlighting outstanding artists of all disciplines that live and work in the region has awarded Candace and her work with Spiral of Sound placement on this prestigious registry, 2010.

Winter performance with The Atlanta Boy Choir

Spiral of Sound joined Fletcher Wolfe with The Atlanta Boy Choir and Men's Alumni Choir in a celebration of the season with their favorite traditional music. SOS accompanied the choirs from the balconies above with an ethereal harmony on Ding Dong Merrily on High and the Bach/Gounod - Ave Maria.

Beyond Space and Time was Beyond Belief!


SOS took us "Beyond Space and Time" into dimensions previously unknown last Saturday night at UUCA in Atlanta! We experienced the intervals inherent in the Fibonacci series and felt ourselves meld into harmonies that define our physical bodies in “Fibonacci Twinkle”! We traveled into the Sacred Warrior Syllables from Tibet with “Cosmic Whorl” and discovered a luminous open space within! We ventured sonically and visually into the ancient “Harmonic Temples” of Egypt as SOS recreated the intervals of these sacred structures in sound, simultaneously presenting them on screen. Guest artists, Kim Chamberlain and Martin Gueorguiev accompanied on clarinet and cello. By popular demand SOS also performed their arrangement of Leonard Cohen’s haunting “Hallelujah" in which the audience felt compelled to join us - joyfully singing along on the chorus! The players' movement of the bowls from layout to layout was well orchestrated and the act was reminiscent of sacred sand mandalas being brushed aside to create anew! Candace's interesting commentary introducing each layout combined information about ancient sound healing practice, archetypal images, scientific research and humorous anecdotes. The visualization during "Cosmic Whorl" brought us into deep levels of meditation. The slides of ancient temples in Egypt were so evocative - one person said he could even smell the mummies! Now that's a multi-dimensional experience!!

SOS is on You Tube!


Check out the links page and click on the You Tube links where you can see and hear SOS playing three pieces that they performed for ISTA last September 2008 and recorded in October: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, So Ham meditation and ARCHetypal Intervals with crystal bowls and flute!

Sacred Sound - Sacred Space



SOS presented a seamless meditation experience on 08-08-08 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta. The audience found themselves entering an intimate darkened arena illuminated by glowing crystal bowls which were placed on the stage floor below them. The 8 bowls encircled by flowers were placed just above those stationed at the points of a six-pointed star. The performance started with "ARCH-etypal Intervals", a sound meditation which balanced the archetypal elements within our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The sound of the flute and crystal bowls together led us to find that pathway accessing our original blueprint of health. The next sound meditation offered was that based around the six-pointed star in which SOS sonically re-enacted the legend of creation: from ether to air to fire to water to earth, inviting the audience to join us in the So Ham breath, the prayer of life in the body connecting us to God. The third and final meditation was a song of celebration with singer, Ian Boccio, joining us in a crystal bowl arrangement of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"! This beautiful and haunting song was perfectly matched to the ethereal sounds of the bowls and garnered a standing ovation from the audience. Bravo SOS!

Two Seasonal Concerts

SOS ushered in the deeply meditational time of Winter Solstice and the joy of Christmas with two moving performances. The in demand performance of "Angel Wings" was presented at Atlanta Unity Church on Wednesday December 19th. This multi-media presentation invites participants to journey through the chakras by meditating inside a circle of fifteen chakra bowls while a light show illuminating the chakra combinations floats above in a deep blue sky. A very deep meditation was had by all! On Sunday, December 23rd, SOS performed "Archetypal Intervals" for Trinity Church of Religious Science. This layout is in the shape of an arch, the strongest form in architecture. Architecture has been defined as "frozen music". Indeed the ratios of form correlate to specific ratios of sound. These specific ratios of sound correlate to the archetypal elements of fire, air, water, ether and earth. In serving as a bridge between energy and form SOS Quartz Crystal Bowls sounded the archetypal elements within our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies as a way to access our original blueprint of health. This sound meditation gently lead us through all the elements so that participants felt balanced and re-energized and ready for the New Year to come!


SOS goes within the Anahata - Heart Chakra

On Sunday, November 18th, SOS performed the sound of Thanksgiving at Trinity Church of Religious Science! This layout was based on the Anahata star symbol, the Heart Chakra, and included toning of the Sanskrit mantra and the twelve bijas associated with this energy center. Made up of two superimposed equilateral triangles, one upright and one inverted, the six-pointed star encapsulates a symbol of both Spirit descending into the Physical and the Physical ascending to Spirit. This geometric juxtaposition is also a powerful image of the harmonious relationship between male and female forces in the universe. The inverted triangle is the symbol of creativity, Shakti; and the upright triangle represents consciousness or Shiva. The crystal bowl pitches heard were the musical intervals that defined the specific ratios of the six-pointed star as well as the archetypal intervals that defined the energetic nature of the Heart chakra. Anahata in sanskrit means unstruck. It is often interpreted as, "unstruck sound," and it is from this chakra that the inner sound or natural music of the body is said to arise. SOS sounded the “unstruck” to strengthen the qualities of love, gratitude and thanksgiving in our hearts!

SOS "Egyptian Harmonic Temples" was amazing!


A world premiere multi-media performance by flutist, Candace Keach, song weaver, Susan Elizabeth Hale and the Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir initiated the 2007 Cymatics Conference into the healing temples of ancient times. The harmonics of Egyptian temples dating from 5,000 to 350 BCE were recreated visually and sonically so that the audience was immersed in sacred ratios of music that had been set in stone thousands of years ago. A journey back in time with flute, voice and crystal bowls! No passport needed!


"I was transported with SOS's performance. Their procession with the lanterns and all of them in robes evoked timeless ceremonies of the past. And the magical harmonies of the bowls with the temple imagery changing on the screen behind them was a sensory delight. Candace's flute-playing and Susan's singing were absolutely beautiful, the way they wove in and out of each other's melodies. I felt the music carry me through a gateway and into a strangely familiar ancient past. - Janet

SOS Star Mandala


SOS played in the World Congress Center's Garden Courtyard for the closing ceremony of “Around the World in Oneness Tour” sponsored by Humanity’s Team - Neale Donald Walsch this past Sunday evening. SOS's Star Mandala layout was inspired by the Divine Natural Order hidden in our DNA. A cross-section of the structure of DNA reveals 5 decagon sets. Star Mandala consists of one of these sets - a double pentagon containing a double 5-pointed star! The 10 Crystal Bowls which were played were tuned to the 5 notes of the Pentatonic Scale, one of the oldest modal tonalities known, traceable back to the Bronze Age. The Golden Mean relationship is inherent in this layout both in the mirroring and replication of star within pentagon within star within pentagon and within the angles of the pentagons and stars themselves. This decagon with it’s 10-pointed star reminds us of the importance many cultures placed on the number ten. From the Ancient Greeks’ “Tetraktys” to the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, ten was considered a number of mysterious divine power, a symbol of universal creation and return to oneness. Star Mandala, is a synthesis of these many layers of knowledge. With Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sound and Divine Order our intention was to reawaken the harmony within and so reconnect us to the grand “harmony of the spheres”. We asked that our connection with Nature, with Humanity, with Earth and with our Divinity come into full realization. For truly "We Are All One"!

A Busy Week for the SOS Bowlers!!!

"Whew....... the premier performance of "Templar Cross" and the popular "Angel Wings" meditation were presented at St. James Episcopal Church on Wednesday, March 28th. "Templar Cross" was written by composer, associate pastor, Ray Gotko, specifically for SOS, flute and synthesizer. It is a beautifully organic piece based on a cycling of eight bowls arranged in intervals of 5ths and placed at the eight points of the Templar Cross. The audience was spellbound! The 2 back-to-back meditations that evening involved 19 bowls and 16 players and an organizational chart that looked like the Redcoat Marching Band drill instructions! Then on Saturday, March 31, eight members of SOS played for Don Simmons' sold out "Chakra Balancing Meditation" at Phoenix and Dragon. And then on Sunday morning, April 1, SOS performed the powerful "Cosmic Whorl" meditation for the Course In Miracles Study Group at the Theosophical Society in Sandy Springs. A wonderful receptive group who generously took all nine of us out to lunch afterwards!!!"

Green Man & The Goddess


Intuitive singer, Susan Elizabeth Hale, Percussionist, Chuck Cogliandro and Flutist, Candace Keach ushered in Spring with ISTA's Equin-ISTA Concert on a blustery March 16th evening. The concert was a melding of Susan's channeled songs, Candace's classical flute solos, Chuck's African drumming and Chuck and Susan's leading of audience participation chants! The celebration was that of a Divine Wedding of Masculine and Feminine - Green Man & The Goddess. The audience favorites were Susan's haunting melody, "Michael & Mary", accompanied by ocean drum and flute; the Pachelbel Alleluia Canon Audience Spiral accompanied by bass flute, C flute and bass drum; Chuck's Djembe Solo and the Crystal Bowl Meditation with 3 large bowls played by Chuck and Susan, accompanied by Susan's vocalise and Candace's improvised flute melodies. It was a miraculous collaboration which we hope will be repeated!

SOS Cosmic Whorl at Serenity Lakes



SOS Crystal Bowl Choir blessed Serenity Lakes Healing Center with a Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation this past Sunday. This 30 minute meditation immersed the audience into the depths of the five "Warrior Syllables". Participants joined SOS in toning these ancient meditation sounds as they were supported within the crystal bowl harmonies of AH, OM, HUNG, RAM and DZA. The bowls were arranged in the spiraling cosmic whorl found in Tibetan symbology representing the energy of manifestation. Participants attuned themselves to the sounds of Spaciousness, Awareness, the Four Immeasurables of love, joy, compassion and equanimity and Effortless Manifestation!


"I found the Cosmic Whorl to be a deep and rich experience. The guided portion provides some understanding and support for using the meditation for going deeper. It is more active than the unguided one. Both provide a rich landscape. I noticed after last time that what I focused on during the meditation occurred to me later when I could use the support. Nice." - Lavonne

Winter Solst-ISTA Candlelight Concert


Candace collaborated with soprano sound shaman, Norma Gentile, in a Winter Solstice Candlelight Concert at Emory Presbyterian Church on Saturday, December 23rd. Norma's gift as an intuitive and a highly trained musician was perfectly matched with Candace's in an improvised duet of flute and voice which guided the audience into a deeply peaceful meditation near the end of the concert. Norma sang the works of Hildegard von Bingen artfully accompanied also by Tibetan Bowls, Gordon Porth playing Harmonium and Patricia Kilpatrick playing Tambura.

Angel Wings with SOS


On Wednesday, December 6th, SOS Crystal Bowl Choir sounded a chakra performance meditation at Unity Christ Center Healing Service in Suwanee. Candace lead SOS in a meditation which immersed participants in the sounds of specific chakra combinations to energize and harmonize the interplay of chakra energies. Participants lay on pillows and mats inside this circle of 14 candlelit crystal bowls in a double chakra layout so that they felt themselves inside shimmering wings of sound as the intervals changed around them. A light show overhead showed the "angel wings" progression in white with a brilliant blue background. Deep sensory nurturing and peace was felt by all!

Sound Geometry


SOS Crystal Bowl Choir sounded a performance meditation by the lake at Serenity Lakes in Lawrenceville on Wednesday, September 6th before a lecture given by Freddy Silva. SOS performed in the formation of one of the sacred geometric harmonic patterns that Freddy discussed in his lecture. Similar to the ancient healing temples and the mysterious crop circles, the very dimensions of this form access electro-magnetic energy lines for healing. The crystal bowls sounded the actual intervals of these ratios for total immersion! When Freddy stood above us on the hill he actually heard an unplayed overtone ringing from the "pentagon within a 5-pointed star within a pentagon within a circle" dimensions which he created with a compass, measuring tape and crepe paper! Those of us in the circle heard this phantom pitch randomly appear and disappear while we were playing the bowls! Freddy is the world’s foremost expert on sacred spaces, and best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, hailed by many as the most comprehensive book ever written on this fascinating and multi-disciplinary phenomenon. He is also a leading researcher into the interaction between temples and consciousness, and recently directed the documentary “Stairways To Heaven: The Practical Magic Of Sacred Space.

Spiral of Sound - Solst-ISTA

With over 300 in attendance A Spiral of Sound from 27 crystal bowls created “Nature's Harmony” on the hill near Park Tavern in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia Candace writes, "On summer solstice we created a Spiral of Sound at Piedmont Park made up of pitches that very, very closely matched a harmonic series starting on E. For 45 minutes we created waves of "nature's harmony" wafting up the spiral in 3's, then 5's, then 8's, then 13's into all of the bowls sounding at sunset. We had about 300 people meditating around us and it was incredible - at the apex of the sounding, it became completely quiet around us - the city sounds were unusually silenced and overhead the sky was magnificent, a deep twilight blue, and the clouds in the sky were blazing pink. One of the bowl players told me there was a pink wispy cloud that formed halfway down the tall buildings across the way and just hovered there until we were finished when it disappeared! We had candles in the bowls so as it got dark the bowls became illuminated from within - it was beautiful!"

Letter to Candace from Betty, one of the audience members, "The Solstice Meditation was so powerful! I did a walking meditation around the perimeter of the seated and standing crowd. I could feel the energy streaming up through my feet. The air was infused with energetic sound. I was so grateful I could attend. All of the participants looked beautiful in their shades of white, with the colorful streamers surrounding them. As the sun set the illuminated bowls made for a magical conclusion. Thanks to all participants and visitors seen and unseen, for this special gathering."


Amazingly, just the week before Summer Solstice, Candace was contacted by Chuck Cogliandro, director of Kumandi Drums, when he found out both groups had "sound" intentions to celebrate the solstice in the same arena!!! Many of you may know Chuck as the organizer of the 100-member percussion tribe that began the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Chuck had invited 1500 of his closest friends and was planning to lead a rhythm mandala, teaching stepping, chanting and tapping patterns for concentric circles of rhythm. He thought perhaps we could join our energies and events and indeed, the timing and placement was already perfect. As Candace noted, "how interesting that we have together come up with complementary events celebrating the complete spectrum of energy, starting with the percussion moving energy up from the lower chakras and ending with the crystal bowls moving the energy even higher into the upper chakras and beyond!!!" Chuck’s comments to Candace after the event, “Wow that was such an amazing evening. I hope you got to see the most glorious sunset appearing over the downtown skyline as your bowls glowed with life. I have heard from so many people who were heartened and had their hopes rekindled for peace and joy in our community from the togetherness and love that was present in the gathering. What a profound synchrony of events, to have our intentions for our offerings so perfectly aligned!”

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